Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eating Raw

Eating raw is becoming more popular these days, because more and more people are coming to realize that eating cooked food every day, at every meal, isn't just unhealthy, but actually promotes disease in your body. The human digestion seems to digest and assimilate nutrition from food best when it's raw. There are still many people today who don't eat raw vegetables every day or even at all, and this has created more disease in this generation than any generation before. Just look at how many children don't eat enough vegetables every day, it's definitely staggering. The eating habits of children mimic the eating habits of parents, so if the parents don't eat raw vegetables every day, then the children grow up disliking vegetables, hence why you can have three generations in the same family that suffered from the same diseases. But even if you eat a raw food diet every day, there is still disease. Why? because if the raw food you eat was grown with pesticides or GMOs, then that means you are eating raw pesticides or raw GMOs...who would want to eat that? I definitely wouldn't and I hope you wouldn't, either, because that would just be awful for your organs. You could buy only certified organic vegetables to eat every day, at every meal, but that could cost you a lot more money. You could grow all your vegetables, but that could cost you a lot more time, plus you will need enough space to grow enough food for three meals per day -- and only if your backyard soil was 100% contaminate-free of course, which would require soil samples. Or you could start eating raw every day right now, for both breakfast and lunch, and for only a couple bucks per meal. That's right! You can eat raw every day, feel satisfied, and pay less than a cheeseburger per meal! How is this possible? Introducing the first and only 100% Organic and 100% RAW Meal Replacement called Super YASAi only from


Bodybuilding has been around since the birth of man. In fact, if you're not building your body, then you are tearing it down. There is no such thing as standing still when it comes to your body. You can't sit back and do nothing, because your body can only move in one direction, either building or tearing down. I'm of course talking about your cells. Your cells are always changing. Your cells are either growing or dying, in other words, building muscle or tearing down muscle. Because there are so many unhealthy bodybuilding protein products out there, truly healthy bodybuilding seems unattainable for most, which is why after a decade or so your body is already losing muscle mass and men develop man-boobs; just some of the unhealthy side-effects of unhealthy bodybuilding

There are only two ways to build muscle, either by constantly exercising or constantly eating healthy. If you try to build muscle without eating healthy enough every day, then the muscle you build will not be as strong as it could be, and in fact could damage your heart and kidneys. Why? Because trying to build muscle without enough real, pure gas in the tank is like revving an engine without enough real, pure gas in the tank -- rev it long enough and your engine will fail; the same happens inside your body. So, what can give you super lean, strong muscle? The first and only organic meal replacement for bodybuilders. It's called Super YASAi from - just eat for breakfast and lunch every day and watch your muscles grow without much effort at all. And the more you eat Super YASAi the faster you grow muscle, so you cannot eat too much!

How To Lose 10 Pounds

You've heard your whole life what it takes to stay slim and healthy. First, you must eat right. Second, you must exercise. Third, you must get enough sleep. Unfortunately, no one ever tells you the truth about losing weight. For example, you could work out 10 hours a day, but it won't do anything to lose fat, only lose muscle. Why? because when you're eating habits are not healthy enough to lose unhealthy fat throughout your body, then the harder you exercise, the more muscle you lose. That's why so many people rebound after they lost so much weight, because muscle is heavier than fact. And you could sleep 10 hours a day, exercise for another 10 hours a day, but again, if your eating habits are not healthy enough to lose unhealthy fat throughout your body, then the harder you exercise the more muscle you lose again.

So, what can you do lose 10 pounds fast without losing any muscle? First, you must improve your eating habits, which happens to be the most difficult part for most everyone who wants to lose weight. But if you just want to lose 10 pounds or even lose 20 pounds, you actually don't need to improve your eating habits that much, just start replacing breakfast with Super YASAi and lunch, too, if you want to lose weight twice as fast. There are so many people all around us desperate for real help with their weight, but nothing sold on any store shelf can ever come close to decreasing unhealthy fat throughout your body without also decreasing your muscle along with it -- until now! Super YASAi will also help stop cellulite! And guess what -- you won't have to exercise, AT ALL! Yes, you read correctly, no exercise needed. I'm sure working all day, driving, picking up the kids, cleaning your house and cooking, is plenty of exercise. If you did exercise though, at least you would be working your muscles with plenty of powerfully healthy food and not empty calories that destroy muscle.

We all hear how important it is to eat healthy. But how can you eat healthy when the food supply is contaminated with pesticides, GMOs, preservatives, additives, synthetic sweeteners, fillers, colors, emulsifiers, and thousands of other carcinogens? You could shop all day at a health food store and still not find food healthy enough to prevent disease, let alone your pain. So, what kind of food is healthy enough and of course powerful enough to truly prevent pain and disease throughout your body and is actually a meal replacement? Unfortunately it’s not sold in any supermarket, any health food store or any Farmer's market. In fact, this powerfully, healthy meal replacement is not sold anywhere. That's why the first and only 100% certified organic meal replacement is extremely important for you and anyone in your family to be able to reach any health goal. Meal replacements are all the buzz nowadays, that's why you can find so many meal replacements online right now. But these meal replacements are either unhealthy or very unhealthy. The reason why these unhealthy meal replacements continue to be bought is because the main purpose of a meal replacement is to simply replace your meal with something that is faster, more convenient, and of course cheaper. Improving your health on the other hand, doesn't seem to be the priority of these unhealthy meal replacements, rather just to provide you something heavy enough to fill you up. But when you eat a meal replacement that does not focus on your health first, but only focuses on the cost and how full you can get, your health will continue to suffer and you'll simply end up contributing to your pain and disease. Seriously, what is the point of low cost and convenience, if your health doesn't improve? You might as well just go buy some cheap fast-food or a bag of chips. A real meal replacement is supposed to provide you convenience, low cost, fill you up, and of course improve your health, this is what’s truly worthy of being called a meal replacement. So, without further ado, the name of this powerfully healthy meal replacement is Super YASAi from – never will you see this powerfully healthy meal replacement sold in any store, because the food grown for Super YASAi cannot be mass-produced since only a few farmers are left here that can actually grow these extremely nutritionally dense plants. Get ready for the cheapest, most convenient and of course the healthiest meal replacement you have never seen before!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


More than 3 million cases of neuropathy every year in the USA alone.
For too long millions of people have been suffering from this painful
symptom with only evasive treatments to choose from. But neuropathy,
just like any other symptom, can swiftly improve when you improve the
cause of neuropathy. There are many causes of neuropathy that include
drugs, shingles, kidney failure, vitamin deficiency (malnutrition) and
the most common cause of neuropathy -- diabetes. But besides the over-
use of drugs, all the other causes listed are also all symptoms. For example,
many assume diabetes is the cause of neuropathy, but how can a symptom
cause a symptom? Diabetes has a cause, too, it's a damaged pancreas, but
then what caused your pancreas to get damaged? Eating and drinking
unhealthy for years, decades, taking drugs or any pills for years, decades,
even drinking sweet tea or sweet fruit juice contributes to damaging your
pancreas. You can continue taking pills for the rest of your life or you could
start healing your pancreas, which will help heal your diabetes, which will help
heal your diabetic nerve pain or your neuropathy. And the longer you eat 
Super YASAithe more your pancreas heals, hence less pain throughout 
your entire body, too. So simple, heal the cause and the symptoms go away...if only everything in life was this simple -- oh wait, it is! Only right here:

Super YASAi for Neuropathy