Thursday, August 27, 2015


More than 3 million cases of neuropathy every year in the USA alone.
For too long millions of people have been suffering from this painful
symptom with only evasive treatments to choose from. But neuropathy,
just like any other symptom, can swiftly improve when you improve the
cause of neuropathy. There are many causes of neuropathy that include
drugs, shingles, kidney failure, vitamin deficiency (malnutrition) and
the most common cause of neuropathy -- diabetes. But besides the over-
use of drugs, all the other causes listed are also all symptoms. For example,
many assume diabetes is the cause of neuropathy, but how can a symptom
cause a symptom? Diabetes has a cause, too, it's a damaged pancreas, but
then what caused your pancreas to get damaged? Eating and drinking
unhealthy for years, decades, taking drugs or any pills for years, decades,
even drinking sweet tea or sweet fruit juice contributes to damaging your
pancreas. You can continue taking pills for the rest of your life or you could
start healing your pancreas, which will help heal your diabetes, which will help
heal your diabetic nerve pain or your neuropathy. And the longer you eat 
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