Thursday, January 14, 2016


I am theHealthFoodGuru...and I know how to dramatically decrease your pain and inflammation everywhere in your body, and without another pill or drug. For decades I have helped thousands discover how powerfully simple it is to decrease pain and inflammation, naturally and holistically. All of our lives we have been bombarded by pesticides, GMOs, pollutants, allergens and so many toxins in our air, water and especially our food, which still continue to increase every day, leaving you and your family to suffer from constant pain and inflammation. And instead of anyone ever telling you how to clean out the cause of your pain and inflammation, 100s of disease names have been created to prescribe drugs to your pain and inflammation, for example asthma, allergies, arthritis, COPD, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, lupus, pneumonia, whooping cough, even emphysema and lung cancer. There are powerful forces out there that will stop at nothing to prevent you from decreasing your pain and inflammation, and from me showing you exactly how to do this naturally and holistically! I grew up watching family and friends struggle with constant pain and inflammation, and some passed away, then decades later I discovered the perfect combination of 6 very healthy foods that are so effective and so fast, you may feel relief in seconds! And the longer you eat these, the less inflammation you may feel, permanently. There was a time years ago I charged a lot for this very specific and very powerful pesticide cleanse, because well, it has saved so many lives! But there is so much skepticism out there these days that prevents so many from finally getting the help they desperately need. For this reason I decided to give you my most precious pesticide cleanse, FREE. Yes, really. Go ahead and email me right now, so I can send you this program. Get ready to finally start feeling better!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Last Year Of Medical School...I Quit

It all started when I was growing up. From a young age I saw sick people all around me, because my Mother was a doctor. She would treat people using drugs, surgery and other medical treatments. But as the years passed, I saw her losing faith in her field. She would mention to me how she wished there was another way she could help her patients achieve health instead of only prescribing drugs and surgery every day. I could see she felt as if her career was futile. She said doctors are not here to cure, only treat. She said this to me in passing years ago, but I only fully understood what she meant in my last year of medical school. One day I was doing my rounds at my local Hospital, checking charts, asking patients how they felt, checking for any possible drug interactions, etc... then I found myself standing over a patient that just died. She was only 14 years old. She had cancer and was given the typical chemo/radiation, but she was gone before the first treatment was over, because her immune system was already almost non-existed from a decade of poking, probing, drugs and surgery. Her family was over in the corner sobbing. I could tell this young girl was very beautiful, even after all she had been through. Her family must have been very wealthy to afford the special care their daughter was receiving. But even with all their money, connections and influence, it didn't add 1 day of life to their precious daughter. How could this be I thought -- could treatments be killing the patient faster than the disease? If yes, does that mean doing nothing and refusing all treatments gives you a longer life than doing any 'aggressive treatments'? After I asked myself these questions, I immediately recalled what my mother said in passing to me those years ago. Could she be right? Could the treatments be speeding up death? Could our eagerness to prolong life be causing life to end too soon? I had so many questions, but knew I could not ask any other doctors these questions for fear I would be kicked out of the program. You see, I have heard of others being kicked out for even questioning the viability of treatments, so asking anyone these questions would surely get me kicked out quickly, especially questions such as these.

How could I continue my medical training knowing the treatments speed up death? How can I justify the years, all the student loans and the sacrifices I made to get this far? What should I do? I pondered about all this for the next year, well into my last year. I woke up one day and simply decided not to go in. After an hour or so passed my phone started to ring every few minutes, then almost every few seconds, then everything stopped. What was I supposed to do? graduate, get my license and after diagnosing new patients with disease, tell each one you're better off doing nothing than start any treatments? I would lose my license, bring more shame to my family and probably get prosecuted for whatever reason. I mean ignoring treatments as an MD can get you not only thrown out of the medical community but get you thrown in jail, too. The entire medical industry relies on Judges, DAs and the police to regulate anyone not following their protocols...even if it kills people. Now I must figure out how to break the news to my family, especially my mother who was so proud to see her son walking in her footsteps. I wondered if she knew her comment in passing many years ago to me actually left a question in my mind that never went away. That unrelenting question was, "are treatments futile?" This question influenced every class I ever took after that, every treatment I ever heard about, every logic I ever developed. I compared everything I learned from that moment on to that question. I guess in a way that question made me question if what I am doing is futile, too. I went to medical school to help people, to help heal them, not help hurt them. All doctors take the Hippocratic Oath when they complete their training and this oath requires a physician to never do any harm to their patients, but if treatments speed up death, doesn't this harm patients? Of course it does. Why can't others see this? Are they too naive to see or do they just not care enough to see? It must be true that doctors, hospitals, drug makers and insurance providers all rely on the sick and dying to fund everything they do and everything they don't do. Without the sick, none of them would have a job, millions would lose their salaries; doctors, hospitals, drug makers and insurance providers would all go bankrupt, because no one in their right mind would ever spend a dime on any treatment that can speed up their death. Would you? Neither would I. 

But now that I had received the medical perspective all my life, it was now time to get that unrelenting question answered once and for all, without any school or any person influencing me in any way. I read countless alternative health books and researched on my own by volunteering at clinics around the world gathering new perspectives and new alternative treatments, too. I asked a lot of questions to natural doctors, holistic nutritionists, especially those branded as quacks by the medical community, because I needed to get that unrelenting question answered or I would forever be searching and probably couldn't have a life; I didn't have a life. All I did was search and research outside the box every day. I was impressed with myself actually just how much information I was able to remember and apply quickly to help those around me who needed help. Some families started calling me the "Natural Health Man!" and I'm still called that decades later. But I just call myself theHealthFoodGuru. Oh, and yes, I finally did get that unrelenting question answered -- the answer was right in front of me the whole time, but because I was trained to assume everything was difficult and complicated, I was preventing myself from seeing it. So, after decades of thoroughly researching both medical treatments and alternative treatments, the most success I ever had helping people heal themselves was from the very thing our body requires to stay alive -- FOOD. No treatment I have ever seen comes anywhere close to really healthy food and eating it every day. To make life easier for everyone wanting to heal themselves faster, I bottled this wonderfully healthy food for everyone to finally regain at least some of their health back. You don't even need to diet anymore.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stop Plaque Buildup Now

theHealthFoodGuru here...
So, yesterday I went to the heath food store to pick up some
organic coconut oil and was standing there in the isle reading
the label of everything I picked up, when a woman suddenly
asked me if I can trust labels. I responded, "A lot more than
people." She walked away with a confused look on her face
and I've seen that look on more faces than I can count actually.
What does confusion cause in your body? It's called plaque-
buildup by the medical community, but I prefer to call it toxic
waste-buildup, which can go anywhere and damage anything.
If that person asked me what I meant by that, I would have
educated her like no one ever has before and she would
have possibly been able to add years or decades to her life,
but instead she decided to walk away and not look back.
Everyone has a choice to make about their health and it's
the smallest most insignificant choices one makes throughout
their life that determines how long you live. If I tell you eating
more illness than doing anything else, the choice you make
at this moment will determine how long you live. The freedom
to choose can be a powerful blessing or can be a powerful 
curse that could end your life decades prematurely. The holiday
season is upon us when most families are just rushing around
trying to provide their family with gifts, meals and lots of love,
but I am here to tell you right now my friend that if you do not
take 30 minutes out of your day to prepare and then eat a raw
and organic breakfast and/or lunch, or take 1 minute out of
your day to eat Super YASAi for breakfast and/or lunch every
day, then you will not experience your full potential, you will
not be able to live a long life enjoying your friends and family.
Everything comes down to choice. What's your choice?
"Truth Is Truth, Even If No One Believes It.
A Lie Is A Lie Even If Everyone Believes It."
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pesticides Linked To All Illness

theHealthFoodGuru here...
There are more reports, studies and research linking pesticides to every serious illness in the world, and these reports, studies and research are readily available online for anyone to see if you are looking. But even with the overwhelming research linking all pesticides to illness, the majority of the population still eats and drinks pesticides every single day, at every meal and at every snack-break. How long do you think your body's immune system can keep you feeling healthy, until it starts to fail and all those years, decades of pesticide-buildup starts wreaking havoc on your organs, muscles, joints and nerves?
A multi-trillion dollar industry has been created to 'fight' the symptoms of
prolonged pesticide consumption -- it's called the medical industry. It's impossible to cure the cause of any illness or even the symptoms of that illness permanently,
when you continue eating and drinking every day the very pesticides causing you all your illness and pain? That's like trying to patch a flat tire while stabbing's quite futile. I know I know...many will claim pesticides are not that dangerous, but ask yourself, can eating and drinking something every day that kills insects, harm your body over time? if you answer yes, then you took the first step towards finally helping your body heal your illness and pain. Now, this doesn't mean you must go all organic immediately if you want to ever fully recover from your pesticide poising, thought that would be a great idea, all you need to do to see and feel a difference in your health fairly quickly is start eating the healthiest food the earth can grow, and eat it at least for 1 meal every day. You could eat twinkies, pizza, cake and wash it all down with soda if you want, though I hope you don't, but if you are at least eating one source of very healthy food every day, you may
prevent more illness and pain than most everyone you know. Super YASAi.
"Truth Is Truth, Even If No One Believes It.
A Lie Is A Lie Even If Everyone Believes It."
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prevent Lupus Naturally

theHealthFoodGuru here...
Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can
damage any part of your body. And with 3 million 
new cases each year, lupus is definitely worth talking 
about. But there are many autoimmune diseases, for 
example fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, MS, gout, 
sinus infections and so many more. But if all autoimmune
diseases all include chronic inflammation, why are
there so many different disease names? Because of
where the inflammation appears and how it affects
your body.
 Prevent Lupus Naturally
Sometimes you can see the inflammation, often times you
can't see the inflammation, but the pain and discomfort is
the same. And you know what also is the same? the cause!
Yes, all the inflammation you experience anywhere in your
body has the exact same cause -- injury. If your nerves are
injured then you could be diagnosed with fibromyalgia or
neuropathy, if your joints are swollen, have gastrointestinal
problems or thyroid problems, you could be diagnosed with
lupus or several other diseases. But again, where your
inflammation happens to be doesn't change the fact that
you've been injured. If you broke a bone and felt inflammation,
you wouldn't just throw drugs at it, would you? Obviously 
you would start repairing your bone, so all the pain and 
inflammation goes away; how you view any internal injury 
should absolutely be no different, So, how did you injure 
yourself internally and how can you finally help repair your 
injury? Find out right here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eating Raw

Eating raw is becoming more popular these days, because more and more people are coming to realize that eating cooked food every day, at every meal, isn't just unhealthy, but actually promotes disease in your body. The human digestion seems to digest and assimilate nutrition from food best when it's raw. There are still many people today who don't eat raw vegetables every day or even at all, and this has created more disease in this generation than any generation before. Just look at how many children don't eat enough vegetables every day, it's definitely staggering. The eating habits of children mimic the eating habits of parents, so if the parents don't eat raw vegetables every day, then the children grow up disliking vegetables, hence why you can have three generations in the same family that suffered from the same diseases. But even if you eat a raw food diet every day, there is still disease. Why? because if the raw food you eat was grown with pesticides or GMOs, then that means you are eating raw pesticides or raw GMOs...who would want to eat that? I definitely wouldn't and I hope you wouldn't, either, because that would just be awful for your organs. You could buy only certified organic vegetables to eat every day, at every meal, but that could cost you a lot more money. You could grow all your vegetables, but that could cost you a lot more time, plus you will need enough space to grow enough food for three meals per day -- and only if your backyard soil was 100% contaminate-free of course, which would require soil samples. Or you could start eating raw every day right now, for both breakfast and lunch, and for only a couple bucks per meal. That's right! You can eat raw every day, feel satisfied, and pay less than a cheeseburger per meal! How is this possible? Introducing the first and only 100% Organic and 100% RAW Meal Replacement called Super YASAi only from


Bodybuilding has been around since the birth of man. In fact, if you're not building your body, then you are tearing it down. There is no such thing as standing still when it comes to your body. You can't sit back and do nothing, because your body can only move in one direction, either building or tearing down. I'm of course talking about your cells. Your cells are always changing. Your cells are either growing or dying, in other words, building muscle or tearing down muscle. Because there are so many unhealthy bodybuilding protein products out there, truly healthy bodybuilding seems unattainable for most, which is why after a decade or so your body is already losing muscle mass and men develop man-boobs; just some of the unhealthy side-effects of unhealthy bodybuilding

There are only two ways to build muscle, either by constantly exercising or constantly eating healthy. If you try to build muscle without eating healthy enough every day, then the muscle you build will not be as strong as it could be, and in fact could damage your heart and kidneys. Why? Because trying to build muscle without enough real, pure gas in the tank is like revving an engine without enough real, pure gas in the tank -- rev it long enough and your engine will fail; the same happens inside your body. So, what can give you super lean, strong muscle? The first and only organic meal replacement for bodybuilders. It's called Super YASAi from - just eat for breakfast and lunch every day and watch your muscles grow without much effort at all. And the more you eat Super YASAi the faster you grow muscle, so you cannot eat too much!